Sun Day

Unbranded Dress / Zara Shoes / Lost In Paradise, Bali Shades / Aark Collective Watch

It's a very long time doesn't stop at this page. Finally, could write something in my little diary. I'm still busy in my work and life issues that sometimes I can't find the answer. Yeah, life is unpredictable. Therefore, go as far as possible. Find new place, wandering when you are young and could, look for new experiences. One day in the old time of day, you will be grateful to your youth.

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  1. This look is super cute!

  2. beautiful look! love your sunnies, super cool <3


  3. AAA Love your dress it is so pretty. I cant get over how much I love your purse! thanks for sharing:) Do you want to support each other's blog by following each other?:) Please let me know if you do so I can follow you right back x




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