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Today, I dedicate this post to encourage all my followers to look up the environment around. In Indonesia, there is 3 types of tiger. Sumatra Tiger, Bali Tiger and Java Tiger. Do you know one of these scarcet type of tiger has been missed? What is the reason behind? Yes. Human! I don't know, but where is the humanity? I saw many pictures in internet, people taking selfie over the beautiful flowers until the flowers broken, people taking picture while lifting a baby shark until die. Why? Only for social media? I'm just thinking about what is your endeavour to keep the environment? :)

Okay, despite of environment issue.. Yesterday I took my pending off from work and met up with my good fellas (but I don't put the picture of my friends in this post hahaha). I knew them for a long time! We went to coffee shop and tried the newest coffee shop in town, Titik Koma Coffee. Surprisingly, the owner is my friend which I can call him brother. To Surabaya people, have a visit to Titik Koma Coffee for the best coffee taste!

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  1. I am also from Indonesia and I can see how the issue is such a worry. Anyway your style is great, and love your scarf! xx

    Cinthy Kwok

  2. You look great and the picture filter is really beautiful.. Richard Butler Creagh


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