Just Label White Long Top / Forever 21 Dress / Le Norte Shoes / Argyle & Oxford Tassels / Mascot Necklace

Hey all! It's been a long time. Sorry for my absence in my blog because there's so many things to do. My job is really tight until last week I hospitalised for typhoid. But yeah, yesterday my doctor permit me to go home and recovery at home. Soon, since I don't have new pictures (and also I gained 14 kilos hahaha), I will post my picture from last vacation to Jogjakarta with my good friends. Hope you enjoy it!


Wild World

Anonim Store Top / Unbranded Pants / Wabi.Sai Cabinet Fedora / 13th Shoes

As we know this world being cruel to human. Maybe God was tired with human behavior. Many events, accidents, natural disasters occur. And largely because of human activity itself.
Lately I think, we do not know when our time will run out. Before the world increasingly chaotic, I think to use my youth to explore beautiful places, admire the work of God's creation. Because this world is created for human, God gave this world in vain. Save this world!


Sun Day

Unbranded Dress / Zara Shoes / Lost In Paradise, Bali Shades / Aark Collective Watch

It's a very long time doesn't stop at this page. Finally, could write something in my little diary. I'm still busy in my work and life issues that sometimes I can't find the answer. Yeah, life is unpredictable. Therefore, go as far as possible. Find new place, wandering when you are young and could, look for new experiences. One day in the old time of day, you will be grateful to your youth.