Once Upon A Time In China

Hello! Finally I can write an entry in my post. I have a job now, my relationship goes well, how God works on my life. We often forget to thank about how wonderful our life. By the way, Happy Belated Chinese New Year for all those celebrate. And again, Sunday Market Surabaya held in Surabaya Town Square with theme "Once Upon A Time In China" related with Chinese New Year. This is my outfit yesterday on Sunday Market Vol. 9! Happy shopping!
Premierés House Top / Zara Leather Skirt / Stradivarius Bag


New Page

Wear Inch - Turtle Neck / Zara - Leather Skirt / Converse - Shoes / Eyelikeeye - Glasses Straps

Tomorrow is the day, my first day of work. Finally I've got a job which suits with me. It will be different at the first, but I know I can do it. Sadly, I can't wear sneakers to my office, because I have to look neat and wearing office clothes. A bit difficult to me 'cause it's not my style. But, hey remember you must go out from your comfort zone, this is not a college life again. You will meet many people out there, clients, tenant etc from different perspective. Take it easy, and have a wonderful experience (note for myself).


Christmas Eve

Unbranded - Top, Skirt / Maythe6 - Perspex Clutch / Minimal - Shoes / Argyle & Oxford - Tassel

Today is where our Lord was born in the world. He is not wrapped with expensive fabrics, he was born in the sheepfold. He saved us, He redeemed us from sin, even .. He put behind his body just for proof of His love to us humans. Let us be His faithful servant. Merry Christmas for all Christians in the world. This is my outfit post for Christmas dinner few days ago. White on white always be my favourite pair.