Midnight Thought

Hey everyone. It's almost a year after my last post on July 2016. So many stories after all. I'm lost in many thoughts about my future, my career, my relationship. Last year, I broke up with my boyfriend 3 days before my birthday. It was broken inside. Really. I don't how to depict all the feeling in words. Yesterday one of my good friend told me that she saw my ex walked with his new girlfriend. Only 4 months he can move on when I'm still figuring things out. Deep down in my heart, I pray for him, and I pray for the best to come for me. Life must go on. People change, feelings change. Appreciate yourself for what you've decided because it will be beautiful at the end. Just believe!

Anyway, after broke up with him, on my 24th birthday I went to Europe with my Mom. Hope you enjoy the pictures I took here :)



Oudre Shirt / Zara Scarf / Topshop Shoes / Giorgio Armani Glasses

Today, I dedicate this post to encourage all my followers to look up the environment around. In Indonesia, there is 3 types of tiger. Sumatra Tiger, Bali Tiger and Java Tiger. Do you know one of these scarcet type of tiger has been missed? What is the reason behind? Yes. Human! I don't know, but where is the humanity? I saw many pictures in internet, people taking selfie over the beautiful flowers until the flowers broken, people taking picture while lifting a baby shark until die. Why? Only for social media? I'm just thinking about what is your endeavour to keep the environment? :)

Okay, despite of environment issue.. Yesterday I took my pending off from work and met up with my good fellas (but I don't put the picture of my friends in this post hahaha). I knew them for a long time! We went to coffee shop and tried the newest coffee shop in town, Titik Koma Coffee. Surprisingly, the owner is my friend which I can call him brother. To Surabaya people, have a visit to Titik Koma Coffee for the best coffee taste!



Just Label White Long Top / Forever 21 Dress / Le Norte Shoes / Argyle & Oxford Tassels / Mascot Necklace

Hey all! It's been a long time. Sorry for my absence in my blog because there's so many things to do. My job is really tight until last week I hospitalised for typhoid. But yeah, yesterday my doctor permit me to go home and recovery at home. Soon, since I don't have new pictures (and also I gained 14 kilos hahaha), I will post my picture from last vacation to Jogjakarta with my good friends. Hope you enjoy it!