Surabaya Vogue's Meet Up

Surabaya Vogue is a community formed in 2012 and started from a BBM (Blackberry Messanger) group. At first, it only amounted to a dozen members, and has organized several events associated with the mode. Although rarely gathered, we are still able to unite our fashion sense. But I don't put any picture of the meet up, hahahahaha! Thank you for Christian Belvin for help me taking these pictures.
Dress - The Editor's Market | Shoes - Zara | Perspex Cluth - Maythe6


Piazza Italia Opening Store

Attending one of new store in my town Piazza Italia with my beloved bitches, Aprillia Putri and the famous male blogger Christian Belvin after work. I helped Belvin join the mix and match style, and lucky he got the first place. I'm a proud sister, Belvin! Sorry for my less-make up though I don't like put much make up on face, but I hope you still enjoy reading this post. Thank you for Belvin for captured this picture.
Dress - Cotton On | Sandals - New Look | Bag - The Balletcats | Necklace - KLAR


Final Countdown

Hi guys. Sorry for another apologies about my absence. I'm still busy preparing my final project in college. In few days again, I will facing the final hearing. I took a topic about traditional dance, called Tari Pendet from Bali, Indonesia. Guys, seriously some of my friends didn't know about this heritage dance when I was searching the info a month ago. Well, the creator of Tari Pendet also died last month. I think this is a bad news yet a good news for me (not in the real meaning), cause I made a good decision raised about Tari Pendet as my topic for remembered him. Rest in peace.
And finally I had time for saturday night with friends and my bf. Hope the best for the result on my final hearing! *crossfinger* also looking forward about new thingy for my wardrobe. I found goodies at Zalora, a pair of thick sandals. Which is better, black or white? ;) (PS. also check this link)