Green Fields

Finally I've graduated from my college, and officially holds a Bachelor of Arts from Petra Christian University. Lately many unexpected accidents that occur. My boyfriend fell while practicing breakdancing, and suffered a dislocated left index finger to tear. He was immediately rushed to the hospital and immediate surgery, the day before my departure the next day to Bandar Lampung. Fortunately, he is okay. And I can go to Bandar Lampung for 3 days, because after that I flew to Jakarta. In Jakarta, I met with some bloggers like Rosalinda Tjioe, Aiines, Gabriella Olivia and Mitha Komala. They are very good friends and kind to me. Nice to know them :) 
Actually I want to find a job in Jakarta, and still looking at the field of design or fashion. Hopefully I quickly get a suitable job. Pray for me!
Outer - Zara | Bag - Stradivarius | Shoes - Converse


She Ran Away In Her Sleep, And Dreamed of Paradise

Last month I went to Bali with my boyfriend with his sister and friends exploring some places in Bali for 5 days, scroll!

1. Motel Mexicola
Most wanted place in Bali recently. I also love the ambience in Motel Mexicola and never get bored to come to this place again and again. Even they don't serve main course and lil bit pricey, but it's worth with the view.

2. Rooftop Rimba Jimbaran
Been drooling for a month and finally I have a chance to visit Rimba Jimbaran. All dish really delishhh!  Pay for another visit maybe sometimes!

3. Finns Beach Club
Beach always an answer for sure! I'm sure I will gain my weight after back home. I eat everything in here. My boyfie ordered pork rib and gosh you must try this too!

4. Ku De Ta
I went to Ku De Ta at night so the picture is full of noise and dark. One of recommend place in Bali. You can eat pizza while eyegasm on beach.




Surabaya Vogue's Meet Up

Surabaya Vogue is a community formed in 2012 and started from a BBM (Blackberry Messanger) group. At first, it only amounted to a dozen members, and has organized several events associated with the mode. Although rarely gathered, we are still able to unite our fashion sense. But I don't put any picture of the meet up, hahahahaha! Thank you for Christian Belvin for help me taking these pictures.
Dress - The Editor's Market | Shoes - Zara | Perspex Cluth - Maythe6